Rawhide Rolls

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These sun-dried rawhides come from 100% grassfed, pasture raised cattle.

  • Certified Humane
  • Long Lasting
  • Natural Teeth Cleaner

Sizes and Lengths:

  • Smalls - 4"
  • Mediums - 6"
  • Large - 8"
  • XL - 10"
  • Giant - 12"

(Price listed is per roll)


Beef Rawhide


White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia

Kristin J. 17-12-2017 13:06

My dog Brandy loves these chews!
I’m happy knowing she has a safe and healthy chew and she is happy to have the mental and physical stimulation of a long lasting chew.

Pamela G. 07-11-2017 15:42

Rawhides are perfect for aggressive chewers

Finally - a safe rawhide for my dog! My 2 year old border collie is a an aggressive chewer and can tear through most treats in minutes. I get him the medium rawhides and let him chew about 30 minutes a night. That does the trick. It takes him about a week to finish one and I could not be happier. Thanks so much for making rawhides that are safe for my pup!

Dione S. 07-11-2017 15:38

A must have!

The XL Rawhide Roll is the first and only chew/treat that I have purchased that has slowed my Great Dane down long enough to be enjoyable. This chew lasts and lasts and I can be comfortable knowing exactly where it came from and trust in it's quality. A must have for any dog mom/dad that have a strong chewer!!

Darlene Martin 19-10-2017 12:04

Love these rawhide rolls for my Sheldon! He gets rid of a lot of nervous energy chewing these, and I love that they are 100% safe for him. I also am super impressed with TWDM's business and animal practices. I will always have one of these on hand for him. It's fantastic to know that the rolls are 100% USA sourced and made, so I don't have to worry about his health or him being poisoned.

LaSarah 15-05-2017 21:15

After complaining to my dad about my dog chewing through all of his toys/bones, I received a package in the mail with two Huge rawhide rolls inside. He told how much his pit bulls loved them and recommended I gave Kinston one. Kin loved them, due to me living in North Carolina and the only place selling these gifts from heaven is whole dog market my dad had to send the to me through mail. Sooooooo glad I can order them for myself now!!!!

James G. 02-05-2017 13:20

Rawhide Rolls Rule!
My dog Sunshine can't get enough of these medium sized rolls of rapture. When he's feeling really raucous, I give him the large size. But for sheer pleasure, the mediums are his magic.

Leola R. 15-04-2017 13:18

Rolls and treats
I feel so good giving these treats to our pug. He loves to chew and I'm never worried about the pace with which he'll chew through and swallow the rolls. They give him hours of satisfaction. Must taste pretty good. :)

Cindy R. 01-04-2017 14:26

Great for my Aggressive Chewers!
I have 3 aggressive chewers and these rawhide roles are great for them - they are tough and long-lasting. Plus I love the fact that they are all natural and sun dried (rather than chemically processed). A little pricey; however with the expense in my opinion. Highly recommend!

Lindsey S. 27-02-2017 15:36

Fabulous Rawhide Rolls - Fabulous Clever company
YOu guys are the best. my order arrived (free delivery) in 2 days. Everythign was handpacked with a sweet note on each item. My dog Hazel is beside herself. Thank you thank you. will be ordering more and recomending you guys to EVERYONE!!!!

Kirsta A. 19-01-2017 22:14

Fun and long-lasting!

I've finally found something my pack can't chew threw in a couple days. They like it, keeps them entertained, and it's great for their teeth. Great product.

Jody W. 19-01-2017 22:10


Okay I had some serious sticker shock over a $15 rawhide roll, but being desperate for healthy things my bull mastiff can chew on and not destroy in a day, I gave it a shot... I AM HIGHLY IMPRESSED! Two weeks later, and a Red Healer pup sharing in the chew time, and it still has very little wear! Very worth every penny I spent and Im so happy to know its healthier than a regular compressed bone!

Mary H. 20-12-2016 13:19

My dogs love the rawhides and freeze dried meat treats! I appreciate that these dog treats are sourced from a top rated humane local farm and produced right here by Whole Dog Market.

Trace W. 16-12-2016 15:04

I bought my first rawhide at the West Midtown farmer’s market and I had to order more because it was so great. I also got extra treats in my shipment even though the total order was only $10. I will absolutely be ordering from y’all again!

5 stars based on 13 reviews