About us

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In May 2005, we opened DOGUROO, The Whole Dog Experience, our full-service boarding, daycare, grooming and training business in metro Atlanta. We began by providing a small but select offering of high quality foods, toys and treats for our customers, and every day we saw more and more of the impact that highly nutritious, all-natural diets made on the health of the dogs who came to play with us. Inspired by our customers, our pack members and the growing supply of excellent products for dogs, we grew our retail offering in our lobby to include a large number of different brands of foods, treats and other supplies. We refer to DOGUROO as “The Whole Dog Experience,” so our lobby naturally became: “The Whole Dog Market.”

The success of our Market, and a desire to grow our business, made us wonder how it would do as a stand-alone store.  One day in early 2012, while visiting Arden’s Garden, our favorite local juicer, we noticed a “space for lease” sign in the window next door. And thus, The Whole Dog Market put its first official paw on the map, across from the largest green space in Atlanta: Piedmont Park. Through the same steadfast focus on service that has made DOGUROO so popular and adored by our loyal customers, WDM quickly came to be known as Atlanta’s premier pet retail destination. We have since expanded to locations across the East Coast, and 2016 marks the launch of our own in-house product line, our highly-nutritious and locally-sourced treats, chews and rawhides.